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Brand Name Registration in India

Brand Name Registration

A protected brand name is a symbol or a uniquely styled name that helps consumers in identifying the sellers of goods or services. Consumers usually tend to buy products based on the brand name. You can trademark and protect your brand name legally, so that nobody else working in the same industry can make use of it. When you sell your products under an exclusive brand name, you gain consumers’ trust.

When people buy products, they look for certain brand names. They recognize a product through its logos and trademarks. For example, if a person looks at two products – one with a brand name and another without one – He or she is likely to buy the product with a brand name. A brand name suggests that the manufacturer meets the required quality standards. It assures the customers of the quality of the goods or service they are buying. It is therefore a valuable asset to any business.


Why use a brand name

There are many strong reasons for registering a brand name for your business:


  1. Customer Satisfaction: Since people prefer products with reputed brand names, you are more likely to attract customers with your own brand name. When consumers buy branded products, they feel safe about it and are likely to buy it again.
  2. Convenient marketing: When you have a strong brand name that people can easily recognize, you can introduce new products and service more conveniently. Even though consumers have never used the new product, they buy it because of the brand name and they expect it satisfy them.
  3. Exclusivity: A brand name helps consumers exclusively identify a product or service as coming from a certain company. When you have an established brand name that is different from all others, people can easily identify your product from among other brands. This is why you need to strongly protect and enforce your brand name.


What you can do

Whenever you start a business, one of the initial steps you take is to register your brand name with the appropriate authority. You can then ensure that your business is protected from illegal use of the brand name. You can take appropriate measures to enforce the brand name and see to it no other entity in your industry uses it for their own commercial purposes without your express authority. A strong brand name strategy is key to successfully selling your products and services.

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