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trademark registration in india

Logo Registration in India

Logo Registration in India


A logo is a graphical or pictorial illustration that represents either a company as a whole, or a specific product. It describes the brand name, and the purpose of the product or service offered by your business. It is meant to add meaning and value to your product, and is an important part of growing any business today.


What constitutes a logo?


A logo can be anything such as a picture, a graphic illustration, text in distinctive fonts and colors, slogans, etc. The primary goal of a logo is to help consumers differentiate between different products and services. When people see different products in the same category with similar logos, they are likely to get confused and pick the wrong product.


Why use a logo?


In a fiercely competitive landscape as India, a logo helps you distinguish yourself form your competitors. It creates a certain impression among customers, and helps them easily identify your company.


Some of the most important attributes of a good logo are:


  • Professionalism: A logo should look professional and it should indicate to customers that you are a serious business and can help them satisfy their needs.
  • Memorable:  A logo should be distinctive and memorable. Its design should be easy to comprehend. When people see a logo, they should be able to identify it instantly.
  • Positive: A logo should evoke positive emotions among people. A logo is very powerful and it influences how customers feel about your product. A logo that is associated with good quality has more value.


The Importance of Logo Registration


A distinctive and exclusive logo can only be used by the company that registers it. If you adopt a logo, but do not register it in India or anywhere in the world, it is open to use by competitors who may copy it and pass of their inferior products as yours.


Proper registration of your logo should ensure that nobody uses the logo for their own products and services without explicit authorization from your company. If another company is found to be using your logo unlawfully, you can legally stop them from doing so and also sue the infringing party for damages.


With a registered logo, you can also more easily market your company’s offerings. It can be used to introduce new products that can gain instant recognition. A registered logo helps you increase the overall value or your products. The largest and more popular businesses all have their own distinctive logo. Some of the most popular ones include:


  1. Reliance
  2. Airtel
  3. Coke
  4. Microsoft
  5. Samsung
  6. Apple
  7. Colgate
  8. Wipro
  9. Infosys
  10. Dell
  11. HP
  12. LG
  13. Hero
  14. Honda
  15. Maruti
  16. And many others


These companies and many others are instantly recognized by their logo. When people buy a product with a logo, they usually don’t need to ask others about the company, because they know about it very well. People are more likely to buy products with a great logo, than the ones with a poor or no logo.


What you can do

The planning stages for any product or service involve designing an effective logo that symbolizes and distinguishes what your products to as opposed to other products. It is important to register a logo with appropriate authorities. Otherwise, it becomes open to use for other businesses and it can result in brand dilution, which negatively affects your business.

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