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Trademark Assignment (Transfer of Trademark)

Under the Trademark Act there is a provision for the transferring of ownership of Trademarks. Trademarks considered as a property hence they are transferable like any other property is.


Over the period of time a Trademark may acquired goodwill and reputation in the market places so there is a provision under the Trademarks Act for the transferring of Registered Trademark by way of Assignments with or without goodwill.


Like any other contract Assignment of Trademark takes place in exchange for some consideration. The Assignment of Trademark clearly provides the extent of the use of the Trademark. The Assignor (Transferor) may set some conditions and limitations as to the area, trade channels etc., in which the trademark can be used by the Assignee (Transferee) and if agrees the Assignee is bound by the terms and conditions laid down under the Assignment Deed.

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