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Trademark Brand Name

A legally protected Brand Name is called a trademark. A brand is a name and/or a symbol that uniquely identifies a seller’s goods or services in the market. Brand Name gives an identification of specific product, service or business. Brand Name provides high level reputations of product as well as consumer attractions.

Brand image is a symbolic construct created within the minds of people. A brand which is widely known in the marketplace acquires brand recognition. A branded product and service command higher price (if one place two product looks similar but one is branded other is non branded that time people would like to branded costly product) because a brand provide a strong image of quality.

Benefits of Brand Name:
Brand of product define the origin of product and customer feel happy to get branded product. Every new business owner wants to get high profit as well as reputation in market place. So today Trade Mark (Brand Mark) registration is very important for every small and big business firm.

An effective Brand Name provides a strong goal achievement as well target audience. A consumer who prefers a particular brand basically agrees to select that brand over others based primarily on the brand’s reputation. An easier way to quickly establish a brand is to be the first company to offer a product or service. A Brand Name helps easy to promote product and service in market place.

New owner of business want to grow in market. So make your company branded and Distinguish product. Because if you having good quality of brand you can earn lot

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