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Trademark Consultants

A trademark consultant is a person who is qualified to act in matters involving trademark law and practice and provide legal advice on trademark matters.


In India anybody can apply for trademark personally, without a Trademark Consultant or Trademark Agent, but it would be not recommended. The owner of trademark can get his own trademark but it would week trademark. Because it will be create without any advice as well as without any information. In that case another business throw your business down and they comes up because a best brand name and trademark give a high protection of business product and service there are two classes of professional qualified to help get trademark registration, Trademark Consultants and Trademark Agents. Trademark Agent can not represent you in court because they are not Lawyers. How does an applicant choose between a Trademark Agent and Trademark Consultant? Experience, Quality and follow ups are key factors in the performance of a Trademark Consultant or Trademark Agent. Not only, trademark consultant gives counsel and guidance on the registration and subsequent use of trademark, but also they will help in preparing and filling applications in order to register a new trademark.


Role of Trademark Consultant
■ A trademark Consultant is responsible for the process of selecting a new trademark for your new product or brand. Proper care must be taken to avoid infringement on other trademarks. Ideally, your trademark consultant would order a trademark search report. Your trademark lawyer should then advise you on the results of the trademark search and whether it is safe to proceed with the registration proceedings or not.
■ A trademark consultant help you in drafting the trademark application. Trademark consultant give special attention to the description of the product (“goods and services”) in such a way that your trademark registration application would be accepted, a slightest mistake can be a reason for refusal of your application.
■ The Trademark Consultant will communicate on your behalf with Indian trademark registry in respect of the registration proceedings.
■ In case, if your rights have been violated by someone then in that case a Trademark Consultant can assist you in sending a cease and desist letter.
■ The Trademark Consultant helps you to take legal action against infringement and also helps you by registering your mark/brand/logo.

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