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Trademark Renewal

Duration of Renewal:
Registration of Trademark doesn’t guarantee protection of a trademark for life time. If an applicant intends to protect his mark properly than he has to apply for its renewal after the completion of every ten years starting from the date of filing of the application. The trademark owner needs to fill a renewal application for this Trademark Renewal process. Through this process owner can change any register entries relating to trademark. A trademark registration is registered for a period of 10 years after that period the Registrar provide a renewal notice to the registered owner. Thus the owner can get renewal of trademark registration upon the payment of the prescribed fee at any time prior to the expiry of a 10 year period. At times a trademark is not renewed and this makes the mark in question susceptible to registration by others. Thus, it is very important that trademarks are renewed at appropriate time.


There is no limit to how long you can keep your mark registered. You may choose not to renew it, or voluntarily surrender it at any time.



Procedure for Trademark Renewal:
■ Preparing a renewal instruction letter
■ Filling application process
■ Paying renewal fee
■ Quality review process
■ Confirmation letter of renewal
Additionally, we place the renewal details on our proprietary computer records to enable us to inform you of the next renewal date.

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