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Trademark Watch

Trademark Watch is an essential part of an effective trademark maintenance and enforcement program, which is also essential tool to protect your trademark’s integrity. Therefore, trademark watch services will identify applications for marks that you may want to consider opposing. The trademark watch service avoided the all legal issues related to trademark registration. Watch Service is intended to allow trademark owners to protect their trademarks against possible future attempts of infringements.

A trademark watch can be implemented to watch for third party uses of your trademark. Trademarks can be watched in the form of A Trademark Publication Watch, Trademark Registration Watch etc.


A Trademark Application Watch: A Trademark Application watch is an easy and best way to protect the trademark. This is filled after trademark complete search by trademark attorney. Then the trademark lawyer prepares and files an application for trademark registration in a single class.


A Trademark Class Watch: Trademark Class Watch described the details about the entire trademark under a particular class, which are approved by the trademark Registrar. This service is very useful to know the new brand and new product launches in market.


Trademark Watch Report: Trademark Watch Service Report covers identical and similar newly registered Mark and trademark. You can use the contact form to order a trademark watch service in our countries listed. We will send you a personalized offer which will fit your needs.


Benefits of Trademark Watch Services:
■ Protect your trademark infringement.
■ Alert from the new launched competitor in market.
■ Provide the Monthly Report regarding the newly trademark, similar and identical trademark and who are using your branded name etc.
■ Secure the Time Value as well market value of brand name service.

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